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Why Doing Exercise Is Important For Kids- 5 Benefits and Important Exercise For Children


Nurturing a child is not an easy task, or RESPONSIBILITY instead. It involves attention, patience, care, and love to the core. Fostering a budding mind not just limits to daily care, education, and nutritious food but also to their physical health.

Regular workouts and exercises from the early days can make a child have a healthier future. - let's see how?

  • For babies- physical movements throughout the day
  • For toddlers of 3-5 years of age- three hours of physical activities a day
  • For children above 6 –till teenage- Should do at least 60 minutes workout a day.

Importance of Exercising

It is a myth that exercises for toddlers- reduces their weight and makes them look pale. Instead, it makes them have balanced bodyweight, strengthen their bones muscles, and initiates healthy well-being of their mind. Exercise is a vital part of any child's growth—laying the foundations for a healthy life.

5 benefits of regular exercising for kids:

  1. Exercising for kids to improve heart health- Regular aerobic exercise escalates heartbeat and breathing rate. It also helps develop the body's capacity to transport oxygen to all the cells. Also, it reduces the risk of future diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  2. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking, cycling, jumping, and running can help kids expand their muscles and strengthen their bones. This is because they use the power of muscles and gravity to put compression on the bones. This pressure makes the body build up stronger bones.
  3. Exercising in children regulates better sleep and encourages them to be more physically active. Studies are evident that kids who sleep better are capable enough of handling physical and emotional challenges. Active kids pleasure a healthy and happy environment around them and tend to be more confident in dealing with situations. Eating fries, burgers, and pizzas is a growing trend for kids- the reason is their delicious taste. However, eating this type of food often can lead to obesity, overweight issues, fatigue, and dizziness. For kids to be more on the go, the workout is the solution.
  4. A body full of laziness always gives birth to behavioral change in kids. They become more aggressive and get easily irritated, even if there is not a matter to do that. However, there are practical pieces of studies that show, children who practice physical activity or outdoor games stay calm. Also, it reduces the chances of stress and anxiety for the near future in their growing age.
  5. Regular exercising benefits for children- help maintain the consistent and well-connected performance of the internal organs in the body. In addition, it relaxes the mind, improves concentration skills, and decreases the chances of severe diseases happening in the future.

Exercising is undoubtedly essential for kids, but what are some kids-friendly exercises- here is the guide.

5 Important exercises for kids

  1. Run, Run, Run: The most usual of all fun-playing activities is running as they love to run after each other. It may seem to you like something simple but can contribute to building stronger bones and strengthened muscles.
  2. Skipping: What does a frog do- hop and skip! Your little love also has to do the same. Skipping can help children improve stamina, encourage fat loss(in obese children), increase blood circulation, improve brain functioning, and develop good hand-eye coordination.
  3. Bear Crawl: Animals are a total play-idol for kids. Bear crawling is a whole-body workout at once. It is because it strengthens hands, feet and improves brain and body functioning as a whole. So, now bear-crawling is approved for adding in playing sessions!
  4. Yoga and Stretching: Yoga is an ancient physical and mental activity of the body, which covers movements for overall well-being. Yoga helps improve their emotional regulation, manage their anxiety, enhances concentration, develops flexibility, and improves mindfulness.
  5. Squats and lunges: Doing so will help children gain leg strength and improve their balancing skills. Squats are a total lower body workout for building quads, cramps, and glutes, and they help support your kids' lower back.

Take Home A Message

We hope you got through the importance of exercise for children's growth and development. Also, these were the five essential exercises that kids must practice.

Exercising, workouts, and yoga all build the healthier body and mind of the young ones.Exercising for kids- improves fitness, concentration, posture, and balance.

IMPORTANT TIP- Always take care of your child and prefer to watch him/her while the kid is doing exercises. This will help control any mishappening that may occur during workouts.

Safe Exercising!

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