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Best 3 Oils For Baby Massage: Benefits of massaging a newborn


The process of nourishing a newborn starts with a soothing oil massage. An oil massage for babies is beneficial as it supports their physical and mental development. Also, it relaxes the newborn’s little body and makes them feel fresh.

Fortunately, Indian babies have their routine chalked! And their happy bathing session kick-off with an oil massage. However, choosing the right oil for baby massage turns out to be an eagle-eyed task because - compromise with the delicate skin- No Chance!

So, mums here you will acquire the nuts and bolts of
  • Benefits of oil massage for babies
  • 3 best massage oils for newborns and their benefits
  • To the bottom line
Benefits of oil massage for babies

Even before the benefits of an oil massage for babies, the common concern of mothers is – when to start oil massage for newborn baby. Well! In that case, the pediatrician and your experienced elders are an expert. However, you can commence with a nice oil massage for your little one after few weeks of birth.

There are myriad benefits of massaging a newborn. With each gentle stroke, your little life feels safe, secure, precious, loved, and connected to you. Generally, oils are natural and gentle on the delicate skin; they prevent dryness and dry skin issues, making it well- moisturized. But make sure your baby is ready, and massage time should not make him/her cranky.

The biological process of pregnancy automatically creates a special bond between you and the baby. Additionally, massaging is a great time to connect more deeply with the sweetie. Following all the steps and know-how of a massage helps relieve gas, cramps, colic, and even constipation.

Massaging a newborn aids in relaxing muscles, gives ease from lethargy, stimulates digestive health, calms teething discomforts, and improves the newborn’s sleep. Concluding, massage ensures healthy overall growth of the newborn.

Selecting the best oil for baby massage is difficult because you may get fooled by the hyped advertisements. But, moms always check that the oil should be natural and safe to use. So which are the 3 best oils for baby massage?

Here is the answer- Coconut Oil: A good massage with coconut oil can help calm down a fussy baby. It is a quick-absorbent, promotes sound sleep, prevents dryness issues, moisturizes the skin, eases itchiness, and is safe on delicate skin. Rice-Bran Oil: A baby’s skin is gentle and needs suitable nourishment. Rice bran oil has rich nourishing properties as it comprises omega 3 & 6. It moisturizes the baby’s skin and maintains its suppleness. Sunflower Oil likewise has nourishing properties and helps maintain the softness of a baby’s skin.

Where to buy the best baby massage oil

You can handpick the best massage oil for newborns, i.e., Littloo Baby Massage Oil, which has the goodness of all the 3 oils mentioned above. Littloo baby massage oil is formulated with natural and pure coconut, sunflower, and rice bran oil to gently moisturize and nourish the delicate skin. It holds the purity and property of the 3 natural oils. Worth mentioning, all littloo products are

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Gentle and Mild
  • Natural Ingredients
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To The Bottom Line

So, moms, if you are finding the best and natural baby massage oil Littloo is the perfect skincare partner for your little one. As mentioned, the 3 best oils for baby massage, littloo baby oil, has it all. An oil massage for a newborn is important as it supports a baby’s growth.

Happy and Safe Fostering!