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5 Cooling Summer Fruits For Kids And Their Benefits


The scorching heat and suffocating summers are tiring for adults and kids too! Summers in India are exhausting and drain all our energy hydration from the body. Adults' concerns about this can be resolved quickly; you know how to deal with it. But, at the same time, kids don't exactly know how to face sun-drenched deals, except for water.  

As a caregiver, you must have thought of providing the best cooling help for your child. And just not cooling effect but also providing the essential nutrients to the body. Your mind must have revolved around questions such as, can I give watermelon to my 4-year-old baby in summers? Are oranges good for toddlers during summers in India? Well! That's okay because running through all these help queries is normal.

5 cooling summer fruits for kids and their benefits

  • Mmmm-Mangoes!:- Who rules the fruit kingdom?- Mango! Which is the favorite fruit of toddlers- Mango! The sweet and yummy mango covers numerous benefits for the little tummy. First, babies should always have seasonal fruits unless they are allergic to any. Mango being the favorite, is loved by kids. It is rich in vitamins,  minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients that help build immunity, improve eye vision and protect against sun-stroke.
  • Wattaa-Melon!:- Watermelon is an ideal fruit in summers to keep toddlers hydrated and remove toxins from their bodies. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and contains ample water content. So, watermelon drinks are always a great option for battling against the burning heat of the sun.
  • Cucu-m-barrs!:- Whether it's a snack time or serving in a salad to the toddler, cucumber is also a fantastic finger fruit for babies in summers. It contains a high amount of water that is much required by the body. Also, cucumbers have vitamins, minerals, and fiber that help flush out impurities.

best fruits for summer

  • Gaa-psss!:- Grapes are an excellent fruit to add to the summer-fruit list for toddlers. It provides nutrients that are essential for the nervous system. Grapes are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which indeed help absorb iron in the body.
  • Coco-mut!:- You say coconut, and the little love says coco-mut! Hahaha! Learning verbal skills is fun. But, Coco-mut is a very health-oriented fruit. The water it has is full of essential nutrients that the developing body requires. It has an adequate amount of water, helps carry out digestion properly, high in potassium to balance temperature, and is easy to digest. Coconut water is a natural alternative for packed juices and aerated drinks.

Take Home A Message

fruits for babies in summers

The tiny body with a toothy smile needs adequate nourishment. Food, vegetables, fruits, drinks, and everything he/she consumes contributes to building the baby's health. The growing body needs to adapt to seasonal eatables, too, be it vegetables or fruits. These were 5 must-have fruits for babies in summers. You can provide them in puree form, juice, or whole, depending on their age and eating habits. Fruits contain essential nutrients and natural sugars for the developing body.

IMPORTANT TIP- While giving the fruits to the baby, always look carefully to avoid choking. Also, see to the digestive and allergic actions of the body.

Happy Nourishing!

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