Bhuvanesh Kakar, the CEO of Littloo and the man behind the remarkable success of this brand. With a profound understanding of Business Management and a vast network of esteemed business owners across various industries, he has positioned himself as a prominent figure in the corporate world. Additionally, Mr. Kakar holds the position of Director of Operations at Salve Group of Companies since 2016, where he has successfully established a robust digital presence and implemented efficient CRM software for e-detailing and reporting.

Recognizing a crucial gap in the market for chemical-free and natural ingredients-based products for babies, Bhuvanesh Kakar was inspired to create Littloo. The brand's unwavering commitment to offering hypoallergenic, paraben-free, eco-certified, and dermatologically tested products has earned widespread appreciation and trust from consumers, making Littloo a household name in the baby products industry.

Under Mr. Bhuvanesh Kakar's passionate leadership and unwavering determination, Littloo has achieved unparalleled popularity and has become a preferred choice for parents seeking safe and high-quality baby care products. His dedication to excellence and a winning mindset has been instrumental in propelling Littloo to new heights of success.

Know Your Bathing Partner

Littloo® baby skin care range doesn’t endorse harmful ingredients like parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrolatum, paraffin, lanolin, glycols, synthetic dyes etc. Littloo baby care kit comprises of baby moisturizing soap, baby oil, baby shampoo, silicone baby finger toothbrush, baby nappy cream, baby face cream & baby daily moisturizing lotion. We are proud to be:

Hallmark of Ethics

It has been more than a decade that we are striving being the helping hand of the godsend - The Doctor - to subdue skin illness and spreading content in lives of many. In this long journey, we have always been renowned as the hallmark of ethics & unwavering consistency and commitment.

A decade of ethics
A decade of ethics

In House Manufacturing

Quality has always been our key concern which is quite evident in the wide range of our products being manufactured by GMP certified plant and our accordance to the strictest manufacturing regulation of pharma industry. Also we are a proud member of leading international business and trade bodies like FICCI, IDMA, FIEO, CII & PHARMEXIL.

Innovation: A Key Concern

We aim to have our finger on the pulse of emerging therapies & consequently have risen with many innovative products in Cosmetic & Derma segment. With our presence in more than several of countries, our products have also been endorsed by Dermatologists across the globe and have also been quoted in several magazines, blogs & medical books.

A decade of ethics
A decade of ethics

The Most Relaible Littloo

Our zeal to float the market with quality and safe products prompted us to fill the void in baby care segment too. We gauged the market and found many lacunas in the product portfolio offered by many companies out there in terms of their composition and formulation. This is when we brainstormed and emerged with a revolutionary brand Littloo®. Unlike other brands, Littloo® says no to parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrolatum, paraffin, lanolin, glycols and synthetic dyes.

Littloo: Only Essential Oils

Littloo® is a dermatologically tested and highly acclaimed product range in the baby care fraternity. Our passion to get hypoallergenic formulas, dermatologically tested preparations and high skin tolerability assessments for Littloo® sets us apart in the field from many.

A decade of ethics
A decade of ethics

TCRY: Mal-nutrition to All-nutrition

With inception of Littloo® range we intend to reach out to all the little ones (littloos) across the country who are devoid of the very fundamental need for survival. We extend our hand of help to the malnourished kids and have proudly associated ourselves with CRY organization where we donate 10% of every Littloo® product purchased by you. The more you purchase Littloo®, the more it turns into a huge benefit for malnourished little ones across the country. You buy, we donate and together we help India’s most vulnerable children survive and thrive.