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What Is Diaper Rash: Best Nappy Rash Cream For Babies


“No, Mumma, I’ll not wear these diapers- My little bums get itchy-itchy!”

Your baby must have also said this many times, or if he/she is a newborn, and then all they can do is cry at full volume. Since diaper rash has always been a concern for all the moms out there, here, this written aid will help you have a sigh of relief as you will get familiar with:

What is diaper rash, and how is it caused?

Diaper rash is a common skin issue seen with the occurrence of redness, itchiness, and irritation on the butt skin. It is basically a patchwork of bright pink/red skin on the buttocks.

Diaper rash can be mild, moderate, and severe in its effects. But you don’t need to worry as generally, the nappy rash in babies is mild and can be treated easily because the markets are filled with a variety of diaper rash creams for babies.

How is diaper rash caused?

Diaper rash is one of those baby issues which can annoy the babies and distresses the parents(because you have a new parenthood milestone to crack). Nappy rash is caused by prolonged use of wet or spoiled diapers. It is often related to skin sensitivity and infrequently changed diapers. However, it can be treated with home remedies, ointments, or just maintaining dryness on the baby’s bums.

Nappy Rash Cream

How can you characterize diaper rash? Firstly, you can check it with the evident changes in the skin’s appearance wherein the skin turns red around the buttocks and thighs. Or else the baby gets cranky, feels uncomfortable in wearing diapers, and cries when the bottom skin is washed or touched.

So, answering the most important apprehension of moms- how to get rid of diaper rash? You can cherry-pick the best nappy rash cream for babies that is available in the market. But mark it, caregivers! Don’t get fascinated with the exciting packaging and over-hyped publicity. Or even if it doesn’t heal through ointments or nappy creams within a week, see a doctor for help.

Where to get the best and natural diaper cream for a baby rash?

Searching around baby stores and online websites is too tiring! You need an easy solution at your doorstep that is suitable for the problem.

Handpick the best and natural diaper cream for babies- Littloo Nappy Rash Cream. It is formulated with the goodness of Calendula and Vitamin E for treating and preventing diaper rash. It is-:

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Gentle and Mild
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic Formulas
  • Eco-Certified
  • Quick Absorbent
  • Non-sticky/ Non-greasy

Take Home A Message

Diaper rash is common in babies and can be treated if it doesn’t turn severe. Always keep a check on changing diapers and allow the bottom skin to get dry every time you place a new diaper.

This editorial familiarized you with what is diaper rash and how is it caused? Also, the best and natural nappy rash cream for babies.

Happy and Safe Fostering!

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