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Dalia (Broken Wheat) For Babies And Toddlers; Health Benefits


You must have started your baby with solid foods by now and wondering about what will be the healthiest pick of the bunch for them. Don’t let your mind scuffle with so many confusions about such a simple thing. We are saying this because dalia is one of the best options to grab on. Take a tour of this article to know about dalia benefits for babies.

  • What is dalia?
  • Benefits of dalia for kids and babies
  • To the bottom line

What is dalia?

Dalia, also known as broken or cracked wheat - in a general word, is wheat with husk. It is commonly cooked in Indian kitchens because of its exceptional nutritional value and health benefits. Usually, adults have it cooked in thick consistency, whereas it is preferable to provide kids/babies with thinned dalia.
Indeed you can introduce dalia to your little one when he/she turns 6 months old or shows the readiness to start additional foods alongside breastmilk.

Benefits of dalia for kids and babies

Dalia is one of the most excellent nutritional bowls having health pluses for kids in abundance. Even when starting babies with solid foods, a nicely cooked thin Dalia is a kick-start option. Moreover, all through the initial growth years of a child, they need energy-dense foods to support their optimum growth and development. Indeed it is packed with decent amounts of iron, calcium, and protein. Iron is essential for the cognitive growth of the body. At the same time, calcium is needed for a stronger bone build-up, and proteins are vital for muscles growth.

Broken wheat is light on the stomach and is easy to digest. So, it is perfect for eating anytime in the day as it promotes a smooth bowel movement. Therefore, it is an admirable choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as it is rich in fiber content. Undoubtedly, dalia is nutrient-dense and holds adequate vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Since dalia is ideal for healthy growth, a good bowl of the same will never nourish your little one. Furthermore, you can incorporate easy and yummy Dalia/broken wheat recipes for kids in the daily meal plan.

Although it is safe to feed children with broken wheat, it is suggested to take proper medical advice from the pediatrician for a better piece of knowledge. However, keep a check on the quality of these tiny grains while buying from the shop or online. In addition, when cooking for a baby, make sure it should be thin in consistency, whereas it can be a bit thick for a toddler or a grown-up kid.

To the bottom line

By now, mums, you must have got the actual health benefits of dalia for babies and kids. It is filled with many dietary pluses and is admirable to have at least once a day.  However, every child’s body is different, and new foods may not suit sometimes. Thus, it will be best if you are well-informed about the repelling actions of your kid’s digestive health.

Happy Nourishing!