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Here’s how new mother’s must survive winter with their newborns!

Winter is the time to be at home and with your loved ones. Snuggling with your loved ones while having a hot cup of tea is the best feeling in winter. While this season brings a lot of joy, it also makes our skin and hair dry & flaky. The air in winters is dry and holds less moisture which results in dehydrated skin & hair. Then imagine, What can this cold weather do to a baby’s skin & hair health? But nothing to worry about, winter care tips for babies are your solution.

But if it is your baby’s first winter, chances are you’re extremely anxious about keeping him well protected from the bitter cold. If you find yourself obsessing over it, relax. With the proper baby care, you can make sure the entire family enjoys your little one’s first winter.

Essentials For Your Baby’s Winter Care

The first step is to use the right products for babies which are as gentle as your love for them! While parents try anything and everything to keep their little one’s skin soft and nourished, they often forget how natural products are the most beneficial when it comes to taking care of babies. It is recommended by the experts to follow a proper winter care routine and winter care tips for babies. It also becomes important to use natural baby care products without any chemical and artificial preservatives to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. Here are our recommendations to make this season less harsh for your baby’s skin & hair.

  • Body Lotion – Babies skin is so soft and sensitive , in winter It became dry. It is important to use a good baby body lotion on their skin after bathing. It is good for hydrating a baby's skin as well.  After bathing, immediately apply baby lotion all over the skin. If you’re looking for something lighter than a rich cream here is one for you! Littloo’s Baby Daily Lotion with Sunflower, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba extracts. This anti-irritant formula is ideal for new born babies too!  Hypoallergenic and clinically tested. This baby lotion enriched with the goodness of natural essential oils works from the second you apply it!
  • Bath Time – It is not necessary to bathe them regularly, it could be on alternate days ,but keep the baby's body with the use of a sponge or washcloth. Be sure to clean the diaper area regularly to avoid diaper rashes. Keep it clean and dry always. Here are our bathing accessories which will give your child the best bath.
  • Massage with Oil – A massage is one of the most important rituals for a new born baby. It’s relaxing, helps with digestion, relieving gas, colic and helps strengthen your bond with your baby! It’s an important baby care ritual and using the right baby oil is essential to maintain the baby’s skin health. Paraffin, petroleum and paraben free, Littloo’s Massage Oil is a lovely formulation, enriched with Rice Bran Oil that gets quickly absorbed into the skin keeping it glowing. This baby massage oil is a non-greasy formula with Vitamin F, a Soya oil compound that also has high skin tolerability. Never use cool or normal oil during winters. It can affect a baby's soft skin and there are chances of cold as well, best to take lukewarm mustard oil in a bowl and gently give a massage to your infants. Rub this baby oil on their chest and back with soft hands. If babies have a cold it will give them relief soon. 
  • Slather on some love with Baby Creams: Now that you’ve taken care of your baby’s bathing regime it’s important follow it up with an effective cream to keep her skin supple for the rest of the day! Rich in Calendula Extracts and Murumuru Butter, Littloo’s Baby Cream is a highly nourishing formula. Plus, it’s free of parabens and alcohol making it perfect for extremely dry, delicate skin. Worried about those dreaded nappy rashes? Littloo’s Nappy Rash Cream; Enriched with pure Calendula Extract, Vitamin E extracts iis a must-have in every smart mom’s arsenal!

Dryness, allergies, dullness, and irritation can cause rashes to the baby’s sensitive skin. To avoid rashes and any type of irritation, parents should use gentle and good-quality products. Don’t let the chills and extreme temperatures take away your baby’s cuteness and softness. Start following an effective and gentle winter care routine for your little ones with Littloo.