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How to brush with Littloo silicone brush?


It must be overwhelming to see your baby performing all the firsts. Indeed the little one's first meal, first smile, first laugh, first walk, and what not, everything he/ she does leaves you with a heartwarming smile. Indeed, your baby's first tooth feels excitement too.
"A tooth fairy will come and leave you a surprise," and here is your tot's surprise. For getting your baby to have a good milk tooth, bring your child with Littloo's new silicone finger toothbrush. This baby finger brush is hypoallergenic, created in a hollow tubular shape for cleaning your child's cute pink gums. Pediatricians and dentists recommend that it is essential to offer dental care to a child before the appearance of the baby's tooth. The maintenance of a baby's teeth and gums is as important as that of an adult.
The open spaces in the baby's gums are for the permanent teeth to come. Hence, it becomes necessary to take utmost care of your sprog's fresh gums. This Baby Silicone Brush is constructed with fine food-grade quality and transparent silicone to aid your child with the best help. The silicone toothbrush for the baby is distinctively designed to gently clean the food particles or milk residues that get stick to the tongue or tooth gaps.

Get familiar with Littloo Baby Silicone Finger Brush

Heya! Mommies. Here are the superlative qualities of the baby silicone brush

  • Designed in a unique cylindrical shape
  • Transparent and premium food-grade quality silicone
  • BPA finger brush
  • Purely safe to use

Directions for using Littloo's baby silicone finger toothbrush:

Initially, clean the toothbrush in boiling water for a minimum of 5 minutes. This will sterilize and clean the brush before use. Wear the soft brush gently onto your finger. Remember to clean the toothbrush after every use, either in lukewarm soapy water or just plain boiling water to disinfect it. Keep the silicone baby toothbrush in the case delivered in the packaging.

Little's silicone dual-sided finger brush comes in a package of two with soft edges. Furthermore, it is FDA-approved and follows all traditional norms. However, there are other uses of this brush as well. The silicone baby brush can be used as a tongue cleaner, too, as it is tender and soft on the baby's little gums.

With the premium, food-grade quality implemented, it is 100% safe in all spheres of usage. The baby silicone brush works as a teether in the baby's teething phase and helps him get comforted from itchiness and irritation, which is certain in a baby's teething stage.
Moreover, it restores the salivation in the tot's mouth. But parents need to avoid babies brushing solely on their own as it can be a hurdle for them to do so. You can help and motivate them to do so.
Eventually, it is vital to clean the sprog's mouth twice a day when he/she starts getting a budding teeth line. This will eliminate the chances of meals and milk getting stuck. However, it is important to clean with fluoride-infused toothpaste. Also, it is not to worry if the baby swallows some of the toothpaste, as fluoride is baby-friendly and is an entirely safe element.

How to help the baby while brushing teeth?

  • There will be times when your munchkin will not like the taste, but it is essential to promote healthy gums' growth. All you need to do is talk to the baby because nobody could make a child learn initial things like that of a mother.
  • Regular brushing will decrease the chances of gum getting infected, and the finger brush movement will help the child expand the baby's mouth for learning speaking.
  • Be a cool mommy! Learn some short rhymes for an excellent brushing session with the child. The baby will initiate to sing the magical tunes with you and excite the tot to brush each time. 
  • If you are a new mom! Don't panic; learn from parents around you. Or else you can even make your sprog watch you brushing. After all, parents are the first teachers of a child. 
  • Be cooperative! When your child asks to do the thing on his/her own, let it be the way he/she likes. In the end, his healthy learning with you is what matters with a cute smiling face.

The baby silicone brush is soft on gums and does not possess any harm. The baby's gums are delicate and can acquire bacteria. It is to calmly look that oral care of a little one is secured with babies' best finger brush. Subsequently, here with the soft-edged brush, there is no chance of getting gums to swell or bleed. It is made from edible quality silicone, safe for toddlers, approved by the FDA, and trusted by many potential parents.

Take Home A Message

To sum up, as parents it is important to look after each activity of the little one. And, Oral hygiene is one of them.
Each product you use for the baby should be hypoallergenic, paraben-sulfate-free, and made of the best quality.
Worth mentioning, Littloo Baby Finger Brush is one of the best finger brush for babies. It is made from food-grade quality silicone, BPA-free, and is Non-Toxic. The baby finger brush safe to use and is recommended by leading pediatricians

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