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How to calm a crying baby?


Parenthood comes with untold tasks, especially for those who are first-time moms/dads. Your whole day compounds of feeding, doing diaper duties, changing spoiled clothes, and of course! Always trying the wee one to stop crying. Calming a fussy baby (especially at night) takes up most of your efforts and energy. Because kicking up a fuss is the only conveying your little one knows. Let us dive into the pool and get familiar with the considerations on –How to calm a crying baby.

Reasons- Why is your baby crying?

When it becomes an arduous task to calm a bawling baby, you as a parent will get worried- that is everything alright with my little love. To the takeaway for this question, yes! It is common for a baby to cry, and there is no need to worry impatiently.

Consequently, there are many reasons why a baby is crying. Crying is the only way for a newborn to communicate and express what he/she needs. And sometimes, it is just always for disturbing or prompting the loving mothers. Below stated are the usual reasons why your little one’s eyes are filled with tears.

Usual Reasons why babies cry?

  • Wants food/milk- The foremost aim of a fussy baby is to ask for food. Yup! Your little one is hungry and wants Mumma to fill the little tummy.
  • Damp/wet diapers-Considering, a baby cannot speak and tell you what is bothering him/her. The second reason which comes in place is an irritation caused by spoiled diapers. The teeny weeny is crying and asking you to make the little love wear a fresh diaper.
  • Sleepy or tiredness- After a long day at play, the tiny tot gets tired and wants to sleep. And so, to soothe your crying baby, make him fall asleep by singing soft tunes.
  • Stranger anxiety/fear- Babies are a little bunch of happiness, and everybody who visits them wants to play. And to your question of How to Calm a Crying Baby, you always should make space for the little sprog to be familiar with new faces. Otherwise, Mums Dads, he/she would go cranky in just 5 seconds.

Other Reasons-

  • Gas
  • Teething
  • Pain/sickness
  • Colic or food sensitivities
  • Crankiness from noise or any activity sensations

Solutions to Calm down and Soothe a Crying Baby?

Still, all your efforts and trials going in vain to Soothe a fussy baby? Try these time-tested practices that may help in clearing those precious water droplets that pour out of your little love’s eyes.

  • Remember, when the nurse cautiously handed you your little one wrapped all around and just tiny sleepy head poking out. Yes! That’s a trick to calm down a crying baby in just seconds. Doing so makes the baby feel comforted and cozy. Additionally, it will help the baby get a soft and consoling sleep in no time.
  • Fulfill the necessary wishes! Yup, give your tiny sprog what he/she wants. For soothing a fussy baby, fill up his little tummy with yummy food or try to satisfy the tiny tot by accomplishing all his/her demands.
  • Always check for the diapers. Change the wasted diapers with a new one to soothe the baby’s skin, which will further help relax his/her irritations.
  • As parents, you can easily recognize why your baby is crying—especially mothers because they are connected to the baby even before the birth of the little one.

Take Home A Message

There are several reasons for your worry-Why is my baby crying? But mummies and daddies, don’t worry, it is all okay! All your concerns are genuine and much valid. But, if your little one’s crying concludes to severities- keep it on your priority to consult a pediatrician and Calm your fussy baby. Sometimes it is acceptable to hear from a perfectionist that you’re doing all the right things and need to hang in there for a bit longer.

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