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Handwashing Important for Kids- Steps to Wash Hands


You always wish the best for your child- is/her best health, best schooling, in all the best nurturing. In the aspect of giving your toddler the best health, you just skipped that most of the germs go inside the mouth through hands. You may always tell your tiny tot to wash hands before eating, after coming home, and every time it's necessary. But just washing the hands is enough?

No! washing hands the right way is a more health-oriented approach. Make your child learn the importance of washing hands for kids and follow these steps to wash hands properly.

Importance of washing hands for toddlers

  • Cleaning your child's hands may look like a small action, but it can have a significant impact on health.
  • Hand hygiene is a vital life-long habit for staying healthy. It is a simple way to reduce the risk of getting infected with colds and flu. Washing hands can safeguard about 1 of 3 young kids who get sick with diarrhea.
  • Cleaning hands not only benefits in preventing from catching germs but from spreading them, too – particularly to those who might be more vulnerable to illness.

Steps to wash hands for toddlers

  1. Wet your hands:  Wet the hands with water.
  2. Lather:Take regular handwash/soap. Next, rub hands together to make soft foam, as shown in the picture.
  3. Scrub:Keep rubbing for at least 20-30 seconds.
  4. Rinse well:Put the hands back under the flowing water to rinse off the soap. 
  5. Dry:With the help of a clean cloth/towel/tissue, dry the hands.

Take Home A Message

Handwashing is a good habit to be followed by kids for good health. Washing hands is important for kids to reduce the risk of catching any disease or flu because anything that goes inside their mouth is through their hands.

Always tell them to wash hands after coming home, before eating anything, when done with the meals, and after touching anything exposed to the outside environment.

Happy Handwashing for Good Health!

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