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Oatmeal For Babies: Benefits, Nutritional Value, And Recipes


A baby's health is the most important concern of a caregiver's life, be it a mother or a father. Till six months of age, the baby is fed with breastmilk that consists of all the nutritional supplements which a little life requires for the growth in the initial months.

After touching the six-months mark, the baby starts having fruit/vegetable purees and soft blends. Providing the growing body with fruits and vegetables is necessary but not solely enough. They need additional benefits from food groups that support this natural progression. 

One of the healthiest grain to vouch for are oats. Oats are nutraceutical food for babies as they are packed with loads of essential vitamins and minerals. They are easy to cook and are a wholesome meal.

Here, we will discuss all verticals associated with oats, which comprises benefits, nutritional value, etc. Read to know about:

Nutritional value and benefits of oats for babies

When it comes to starting your baby on solid foods, you can't go wrong with oatmeal. It is a very nutritious food that is gentle on your baby's digestive system and packed full of nutrients. Here are the incredible benefits of oatmeal you should study when you start serving your young solid foods.

  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals: You know why oats are a wholesome meal in the little love's diet because they have a high content of essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B1 &B5, and folate.
  • Great source of fiber: The progressing body needs fiber to ease the process of digestion and bowel movement. Oats consist of Beta-glucan(a form of fiber) that helps in a smooth bowel movement and digestion of new food groups.
  • Rich in proteins and healthy fats: Usually, mothers think that does oats reduce the baby's weight? They have extra protein and healthy fats compared to other grains, which are suitable for increasing healthy body weight and muscle mass.   
  • Well combined with other foods: Babies love new flavors, so infuse oats with other edible items. You can blend them with breastmilk, mashed berries/bananas, or just simply add fruits. Oats can be given as a healthy breakfast to babies.
  • Filling and nutritious: Oats are filling in nature and make the baby feel full and satiated. They help boost immunity and are a great source of energy. Oats are a power-packed meal in a bowl. They are light on the little tummy and quenching at the same time.   

Types of oats for babies

Well! A mother has many concerns for feeding their little ones with oats, such as Quaker oats good for babies, saffola oats for babies, oats for babies online, etc.

You can cherry-pick baby oatmeal cereal from the baby essentials store. It can be blended with breastmilk or any other kid-friendly liquid for offering it to your munchkin. If not the baby oat cereal, you can make a smooth puree of regular cooked oats for feeding.

Then, the rolled oats need to be prepared in hot water for around five to six minutes. Make sure to mash the oats properly.

How to store oats for babies at home?-  It is suggested to refrain your baby from having packed, instant, and over-processed oats as they are left with no nutrition to provide. Therefore, the best move is to catch steel-cut or regular oats for your baby. Store them in airtight vessels, dry place, or away from warmth.

Tasty and easy oats recipe for toddlers and babies

Since we have been lately talking about oats benefits for the baby. Here are some easy and delicious recipes with oats for kids:

Oats recipes for toddlers and babies

  • Simple oats porridge:

The simplest way to fill a little tummy with the blimey of oats is porridge. A quick porridge bowl with no salt and sugar or just a pinch if needed.

  • Oats and fruits porridge for babies:

Benefits of oats added to nutritional advantages of fruits, and there you go with an easy and yummy oats porridge for babies. Just add small-cut fruits as per the likings and give this treasured bowl of good health to your baby.

  • Oats dosa for toddlers

If dosa is your munchkin's favorite, then this is the bang-on plate. Infuse your regular dosa with oats batter and see how the little one will slurp it.

  • Oats energy bars

If your baby has a sweet tooth and you want to give him sugars but the healthy one, then make oats and nut bars for babies. Just saute and add dry fruits, grains, oats, and melted jaggery. Let it settle down, and it's ready to serve.

Take Home A Message

Oats are whole grains and should be offered to the baby as per their age and likings. Also, keep in mind that the ingredients(when infusing a dish) or oats should be well-matched with the baby's digestive actions. It is suggested to consult the pediatrician for any allergic reactions. This comprehension of the benefits of oats for babies & toddlers and the quick yet wholesome oat recipes will give you lots of more options and reasons to add oats to your baby's diet!

Happy Nourishing!

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