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The Fox And The Grapes Story For Kids In English


The fox and the grapes story for kids in English is a great story for toddlers with moral. The story revolves around a fox and a hanging bunch of grapes. So, let’s see around the corners of this plot.

The fox and grapes story in English

One warm afternoon, a fox was out on a walk in the jungle. He saw a bunch of grapes hanging. His mouth watered at the sight of juicy grapes in the scorching summer afternoon. He tried to reach the grapes bunch but failed. He jumped again and again to grasp the bunch of juicy grapes but in vain. After many unsuccessful efforts, the fox gave up and walked away, saying that the grapes were too sour.

Moral of the story

The fox and the grapes” is a famous story having a moral. We can learn through this exciting story that it is expected for us to displeasure or scorn something that is not inside our stretch. This short story also shows us to work hard to accomplish our aims instead of play-acting that it is not worth the try.

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