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3 Best And Healthy Indian Snacks For Toddlers & Kids


A kid who's eating a high sugar diet is going to get sick more often! Eventually, you must be wondering why we have quoted this kid fact here; it is because your child is also eating sweets, chocolates, candies, etc., when he/she wants something to munch.

Kids and snacks are thick as thieves. A cereal bowl will always be repelling, while a bar of chocolate can never go wrong. It is not less than a success when your little love slurps all the food on the plate. Children are always fussy eaters for each mealtime until and unless they understand the importance of healthy meals. One such is their snack times, but you never need to worry as this editorial will help you about:

  • What are snack times and the importance of snacks for kids

  • 3 best and healthy Indian snacks for kids and toddlers

  • To the bottom line

What are snack times and the importance of snacks for kids

From a newborn to a baby to a toddler/preschooler to a kid to a child, your little one has been growing within the blink of an eye. Consequently, their developing bodies require adequate nourishment, which can be provided with an ample amount of nutrients that a healthy diet plan comprises.

Snack times are basically the small munching times/gaps between the heavy meals of the day. Generally, parents think that kids can have anything in their grub times. However, it is a big no just to give unhealthy munchies in their hands. These short gaps are equally important as that of the actual meals.

The tiny eats are fluffing and provide energy for the entire day. It helps them remain more energetic and lively, therefore, eliminating tiredness, lethargy, and dizziness. Thus you should constantly check - even the minute bite that goes into the mouth of your little one

3 best and healthy Indian snacks for kids and toddlers

  1. A good fruit bowl

No matter how much hard you try, your kid surely won't eat fruits straight away. You will have to juggle up with new plate appearances. So, prepare a fruit bowl that will look appealing with colors in it. Add small-cut fruits with

little bit of salt black pepper sprinkled over it and let your child relish this no-cooked yet healthy bowl.

2.Fruits and Sprouts

What's good than some tangy twist? Start with adding salt, pepper, chat masala, small-cut fruits, boiled sprouts in a bowl. Give them a toss and add sauce as per your choice. Your kid will get super happy after filling in his/her little tummy with savorings.

3.Chocolate laddoos

Start with dry roasting some dry nuts and chopping dates. Put the nuts aside to cool them, and then heat dates in a pan. Coarsely grind the roasted nuts. Now, mix all the ingredients with cocoa powder and vanilla extract to make small round balls on a big flat plate.

To the bottom line

These were the 3 easy and healthy Indian snacks recipes for kids that offer significant health benefits to your little loves. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, or dinner- Indian meals never fail to nourish the growing bodies.

Happy and Safe Nourishing!