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5 Indoor Games For A Child's Brain Development- Importance Of Baby's Brain Development


Remember! Your pediatrician said that the first 6-8 years of a child's growth are crucial as the baby's brain develops significantly. Your child is trying to speak the words you do, constantly seeking to solve the block puzzle, and all those little actions that they do are a part of this natural progression. More specifically, to a medical approach- a baby's structural brain development takes place inside the womb during the third week of pregnancy. But afterward, in this course of brain development, the baby learns to walk, speak, respond, and does the activity that signals you little pieces of snowballing change.

Now, you must be thinking how?- let us help you! Mom and Dad, you might be occupied with some office work, house chores, or something else. What is your little one doing till that period, playing with the toys on his/her own? Is this sufficient? Nope! But, parents mark this – in the baby's brain development procedure, you play a lead role.

Mummies n Daddies- we have answers to help you; come along! Connect with your baby, talk, and do activities that will indulge him in brainstorming, which will later give birth to uncountable questions. Eventually, these questions are a vital part of the little one's conceptual growth. 

For better knowledge, let's dive into the pool of :

  • Why is a baby's brain development important?
  • How do parents play a key role in a child's brain development?
  • 5 indoor games for a child's brain development
  • To the bottom line

Why is a baby's brain development important?

Well! as mentioned earlier, a child's brain development is a purely natural progression. Yet, it is important to boost this process to enable his/her body to move, speak, walk, and perform each activity as we do.

Stimulating brain development in the early growth years is essential for them to be capable, self-sufficient, and have a healthy lifestyle in the future. Proper nutrition, required activities, and their relationship with the adults- everything influences the stimulation process.

How do parents play a key role in a child's brain development?

Parents are the first teachers, friends, guardians, caregivers, and everything to the little one because all they know is you. You only can give the motivational and emotional support that a child needs during the initial years. Therefore, the parents role in the baby's brain development is a prominent one. Okay, so let's make it familiar more practically- brain development activity for boys and girls.

For instance, your tiny one comes to you and says to help fold the sleeves up so that they can wash hands. Here, they learned that sleeves might get wet if not folded. Or asks for help while eating with the spoon and understands to take help while having the food, to avoid spoiling the clothes. See here for tips and tricks to boost a baby's brain development.

So, all these small tit-bit actions are a crucial part of jump-start brain development. Learning and growth are continually occurring, and parents' foremost duty is to give it a slight push positively. Because parents undeniably help the child acquire skills such as:

  • Logical Thinking
  • Knowledge
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Imaginative and Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Linguistic enhancement and so much more!

5 indoor games for a child's brain development

  1. Build it- up:It's a block game, best suits for 2-5 years old! Block building has been the most simple yet effective brain game and has remained unchanged in your child's 'toy-store. Uncover your child to blocks of different colors and sizes. Let your child walk around the blocks and let their minds run wild.
  2. Juggle-up with puzzles:

    Puzzles is a great activity/game for 2-8 year old and the whole family gaming-session as well. They are a great tactic to develop your child's dimensional observation, coordination, reasoning skills, problem-solving, and fine motor skills— proving puzzles to be excellent games for brain development.

  3. Treasure Hunt: Hiding stuff and then hinting with symbols and creative descriptions can be played with a 3-6 years old child. It will help them think and discover according to the clues they've got. Also, the tip-offs push the budding mind to connect things for a result.
  4. Storytelling: The usual task parents do without knowing how much significantly it can contribute to a 2-4 years old child's development. Also, storytelling can be done for a 5-7 years old toddler. This helps develop concentration and listening skills. Additionally, children tend to imagine the plots in their minds that you narrate them.
  5. Math Games:

    Which kid loves maths- evidently none! But, gaming with entertainment is always a kick-start option for learning. They will be able to learn numbers, recognize writing them, and know about calculations. Abacus is one of the best options to go with.

Take Home A Message

A Baby's brain development is an endless task to work on, especially in the early years of growth. The budding minds need positive attention, care, support, and love to perform better. Learning starts at home, and parents are the most considerable help for kids.

Hope these 5 indoor games for kids' brain development have answered your questions.

Happy Kid Fostering!

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