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Best Food to Eat During Pregnancy- Guide to Prenatal Care


Hello! Bumpy-mommy-to-be. Remember that very while when you realized that you are soon gonna turn from a lady to a mother, and since then, you are counting the days to hold your little love close to your heart.

Pregnancy brings you a flow of pleasure and excitement. It is natural to get cravings for eating a different kind of food. But, mummies-to-be, take a note that whatever you eat will directly affect the baby.

Supplementing yourself with a balanced and healthy diet will automatically lead you to have a hassle-free and healthy pregnancy. So, thinking about- what to eat during pregnancy? Don't worry! Here you will get verse with:

Best Food to Eat During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman must keep up with a healthy diet. During the Prenatal period, your body requires extra nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other essentials. An expecting mother needs 350–500 additional calories each day in the course of their second and third trimesters. Because if your body is deficient in essential nutrients, then it may negatively affect the baby. So it is a must to eat healthy foods during pregnancy for mothers.

During pregnancy, your body requires an additional amount of protein and calcium to meet the needs of the developing fetus. Here are a few things you must brood over adding to your food regime during the pregnancy time-span.

  • Legumes/Pulses:

Legumes in your pregnancy diet

The regular pluses which you have once in a while, if incorporated into your daily food habits, can add a remarkable plus to the nutrition value. Legumes are admirable plant-based bases of fiber, protein, iron, folate (B9/Folic Acid), and calcium — all of which your body requires extra during the trimesters.

  • Vitamin A Rich Foodstuffs:

For healthy fetal growth, your body tissues and cells need to be well-maintained, which the food rich in Vitamin A can help. Thus, orange, yellow, and green leafy veggies such as sweet potatoes, apricots, carrots, spinach, and oranges are outstanding sources of vitamin A for a mother-to-be. Worth Mentioning that sweet potatoes are power-packed with beta-carotene that later gets converted into Vitamin A in your body.

  • Eggs:

Eating Eggs During Pregnancy

Nothing is as versatile as eggs. This is because they have almost the nutrients you need, i.e., vitamins, minerals, high-quality proteins, fat, and 77 calories, which altogether helps your body get the required nourishment.

  • Green Vegetables:

Pregnancy super foods

Green veggies such as kale, spinach, and leafy foliage are packed with vitamins and minerals that pregnant mothers and their little love inside the womb needs. They have essential vitamins A, C, K, and E and calcium, iron, fiber, and folate. Folate or Folic Acid is a B9 vitamin that keeps the baby safe against congenital disabilities or commonly called birth defects.

  • Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits in pregnancy

Mommies-to-be, for your short cravings/munchies, always get yourself with some mixed dried fruits. Dry fruits and nuts are excellent for calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. They are also exceptionally high in antioxidants. Dry fruits provide essential nutrients that are necessary for the health of an excepting mother.

  • Grains:

Pregnancy nutrition

The next in the queue are grains such as whole wheat, corn, oats, barley, and rice are just a few names that are fully packed with nutrients such as iron, selenium, and magnesium. They're also excellent sources of the B vitamins that include B1, B2, folic acid, and niacin which all your baby wants for the growth of almost every part of his body.

  • Fruits:

fruits to eat during pregnancy

Sweet and Tasty- Yes! Fruits. You can have fruits anytime you wish. They provide vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other essentials to the body. The Best fruits to eat during pregnancy include- oranges, mangoes, avocadoes, lemons, bananas, apples, berries, coconut, etc.

Take Home A Message

Your mood swings are natural, and at times, you wouldn't feel like having healthy food. Cravings are common, but mummies –to-be, it's the matter of your child, so No Compromising!

Your baby inside the womb is just waiting to slurp up all those nutrient-rich foodstuffs from a well-rounded eating regime of whole grains, fruits, veggies, proteins, and healthy fats.

There's an entire world filled with delightful options that will give you and your baby everything you'll need. Keep your nutritionist/doctors up-to-date on your eating choices so that they can guide you with a better and healthier option.

This list must be a decent start towards a healthy, well-nourished prenatal period.

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