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7 Foods to Avoid During PreNatal Period- Guide What Not -To -Eat


In the last editorial, you got well-informed about what to eat during Pregnancy. In this article, you will get to know about the nuts and bolts of- what not- to- eat during Pregnancy.

What you eat is directly shared with the growing life inside you. It is to note that sometimes the food may not harm you but can risk the little life. Implies, you should always closely see the nutritional value, benefits, and harms before eating anything that is new to your daily pregnancy diet chart. So, to safeguard the little life’s health and yours too! Learn about these not-to-eat food items in pregnancy.

7 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Meat(Raw, Deli, and Cut):


Eating meat is not prohibited, but eating certain kinds of meat should be avoided. The reason being- undercooked/raw meat can increase the risk of infection, as it may comprise of bacteria or parasites. You can safely eat certain kinds of meat if they are heated to steaming and served sizzling hot. Canned and shelf-safe meat spread is fine sometimes.

  • Raw Fish/Undercooked Fish:

Raw Fish

The next important food to avoid during pregnancy trimesters is raw or underdone fish. Raw fish can cause bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. Some of these infections may merely affect you, causing dehydration and paleness. At the same time, the other toxicities may be passed onto the little life causing fatal/serious outcomes.

  • Alcohol:


The severe of all is Alcohol intake. It is strictly advised to completely take out alcohol from the schedule as it can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth of the child. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can also root fetal alcohol syndrome, resulting in facial defects, heart deficiencies, and intellectual disability.

  • Junk Foods:

Junk Foods

The pregnancy period demands from you a nutrient-filled diet that is full of pluses for you and the little one growing inside. Consuming processed food/ junk contains higher sugar, calories, and fat levels make you gain weight and further initiate complications.

  • Caffeine:


If you are a coffee fan and always carry a coffee cup by your side, then it’s time to dump it. Of course! You can consume it after the delivery, as the doctor prescribes to you, but caffeine intake can be harmful for the time being. Caffeine Intake results in the low birth weight of the child and sometimes can also restrict the fetus growth inside the womb.

  • Milk and Cheese

Raw milk

Consider this carefully; unpasteurized/raw milk should be avoided. Any cheese that is prepared from unpasteurized milk should not be consumed. The microbes can be naturally taking place or produced by adulteration during collection or storing. Pasteurization/ Sterilization is the most effective approach to kill any harmful bacteria without altering the nutritional importance of the products.

  • Fruits

No! we are not advising you to remove fruits from your diet plan. Instead, look closely at which fruit you can have for a healthier pregnancy. Fruits are always a healthy aspect to opt for, but at times they can turn out to be hazardous for a mother-to-be. Some fruits should not be a part of your fruit- bowls such as papaya, grapes, and pineapple.

Take Home A Message

It is always to strictly watch what is going inside your mouth because that particular food is shifted to the baby’s tummy. Take a note of all these foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Also, take regular advice from your doctor/ nutritionist and be well-versed with allergic foods. Following all these measures and tips can help lower the risks associated with pregnancy and can help the little life grow healthily.

Have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!

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