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Top 3 Fun & Interesting Writing Activities For Kids


Nurturing a little life to become a good human is not a cakewalk for sure. The first teachers, i.e., parents, preach the fundamental learnings. And pick up this fact caregivers- the best students come from those homes, where education is admired. Indeed, if you model respecting each and everything around them, they will do the same. Although the primary pieces of training for your tiny tot are a real struggle, therefore, it takes all of you!

Undoubtedly that’s no walk in the park. As parents, you combat stress, impatience, anger, and worry about handling other chores. Let’s ease your hassle a bit by informing you about - one such part of fostering at home is helping children learn to write.

  • Why is learning to write for kids important?
  • 3 fun interesting writing activities for kids to do at home
  • To the bottom line

Why is learning to write for kids important?

Lately, we have constantly been quoting about developing writing skills in children. Wondering why is it important for kids to write? Undeniably, children are creative and curious; however, it’s just a matter to ignite their inquisitiveness and help them learn new skills.

Why is writing important for preschoolers? In-depth, there are decent reasons to support the benefits and importance of writing for kids. It helps toddlers develop writing capacities, strengthens their muscle growth while they start gripping, phonological awareness, phonics, eye-hand coordination, brain development, creating exploring texts and fonts, etc. It makes learning things smoother and more manageable because children will draw letters, alphabets, sentences, etc., as soon as they listen about it while studying. Moreover, it improves and retains the coordination between the brain, hands, eyes, and ears.

3 fun interesting writing activities for kids to do at home

Here is the guide for 3 fun writing activities kindergarten/preschoolers to do at home:


The simplest and primary writing activity for kids. All you need to do is get some alphabet/letter stencils. Place them on a blank sheet of paper and help your little one to trace over the character set. You can include the use of colors, shapes, pictures, or anything in between to make it look engaging.

2.Broken Telephone Pictionary

It is as exciting as the name sounds and will help your kid push their limits of creativity. For this exciting play game for kids, call 2-3 people so that it becomes appealing. The game commences as one person will whisper a sentence in the other person’s ears, and he/she will have to draw the heard thing. Similarly, the cycle goes – on the same sheet of paper until there’s no one left to draw. This fun writing game for preschoolers is filled with laughter bumps.

3.Wet-Dry Play game

You need two blackboards, water, and two chalks for this. Draw a letter with chalk on the board, and correspondingly your child will imitate it by drawing it with a wet finger. Let the fingerprint alphabet dry, and next, he/she will trace over it with chalk. This process will speed up their writing skills and help them write legibly and neatly.

To the bottom line

Activities for writing skills in the classroom are necessary, but they should always begin at home first. Here are 3 basic and easy writing activities which incorporate fun plays. You as parents always wish that your toddler must write neatly and beautifully carve the words when he/she grows up. Remember - Learning begins at home!

Happy Fostering!