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Top 5 Benefits Of Yogurt For Kids And Babies


The moment when your little love starts self-weaning is so overwhelming. But, Mummies and Daddies! Always be an eagle-eyed caregiver and see- everything that goes into the little mouth is healthy and fulfilling. Then again, it is a task to ask them to have fruits and vegetables that they may not feel like having at times. So what's the solution?

Yummy and creamy yogurt is always a kid-friendly option. A baby can start having yogurt when he/she turns 6-8 months old or when starting with finger foods.You have the clout to set the stage for your child's eating preferences! Parents discern that everything regarded as healthy food is well-nigh kid repellent, but this milky-curd is mouthwatering to young tummies.

Before getting into the context further, get thorough with an important tip. Always prefer taking advice from your pediatrician before introducing anything to the baby. Also, yogurt is a milk-based fermented formula so be familiar with the baby's lactose tolerance actions. Finally, if approved by the doctor, then only provide the child with new food items.

Discover our story of curd for babies and kids!

Curd (Dahi) is primarily a preferred food item by kids, and the reason is the soft texture and subtle flavor. Certainly, toddlers would not know the nutrient value, but this is undoubted that they relish eating curd.-

For your question, how to give babies curd? We have a fantastic answer. Most kids like to eat plain yogurt/curd, and some children do not prefer having it. But mummies are magicians!

benefits of yogurt for babies

So for your magic to work in the nourishing aspect, make it a fusion. If it becomes difficult for you to give your 6-8 months old curd, make a healthy fruit-based liquid with natural sugars(fruit's sweetness). Whereas for a 9-11 months old baby, try adding finely chopped fruits into well-whisked curd and offer it as if it's a yummy fruity vanilla ice cream. Inventing these kinds of blended recipes with health hidden behind taste can really make a nutritious-filled curd snack for toddlers.    

Here are the top 5 benefits of yogurt for growing kids in a compelling infographic

Yogurt for babies covers numerous health benefits for overall well-being, but guardians take note of how much curd should be given to the baby. You should always take suggestions from the pediatrician.

  1. Rich calcium value: A fermented milk source, curd covers high calcium value. Yogurt has a higher concentration of calcium as it an outcome of stir-up milk. Therefore, a quantified bowl of curd for a child can offer the required amount of calcium for the body, building stronger bones.
  2. Probiotics for healthy digestion: Curd is the result of bacterial action in milk; therefore it carries probiotics. Covering good bacteria yogurt helps replenish kids' digestive health, relieve constipation, maintain healthy gut functioning.
  3. Immunity booster: Yogurt for kids performs actively as a good immunity booster. It is rich in Vitamin A, D, and probiotics, which boosts body defense mechanisms.
  4. Develops stronger bones: Yogurt is always a good option for developing healthy and strong bones. It is rich in nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamins, calcium, and protein, which are great for healthy and strong bones.
  5. Makes kid-friendly snack: Curd being a nutritious snack compiled in a nutshell, is a good option to create delicious recipes. You can make shakes, fruit creams, sweeten it with a bunch of home-based fruit purees, or serve plain as per the baby's taste preferences.

Take Home A Message

Yogurt(Dahi) is a yummy and healthy choice for a kids' snack. Be it a baby, toddler, or grown-up kid, and primarily children love having curd. It is a power-packed milk result that provides excellent nutritional value for growing kids. Indeed yogurt is healthy for babies.

Happy Nourishing!

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