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5 Fun Learning Activities For 1-2 Yr Old Kid And Toddlers; Importance


As parents, you must have got questions like – Am I doing enough? Which of my action will affect my toddler? Do I need to teach them a couple of minutes more? Well! This continuous parent guilt is normal, so don't panic! Children are like clay in potter's hands; they will mold in whichever way, shape, texture, or any way you desire. But always remember! Your toddler should be imparted to navigate through the roads of learning with a spirit of curiosity by their side.

So, here is a key for all the caregivers about
  • Importance of basic learnings for kids
  • 5 Fun Learning Activities for 1-2 yr kids and toddlers
  • To the bottom line
Importance of basic learnings for kids

Your baby will turn into a toddler within the blink of an eye. Learnings at home are not less than fun – activities. Since you never know where the little steps move, ensure to childproof your home to prevent house accidents as that place is the little world of your kid.

Academics, physical activity, and mental development are all equally essential for overall growth. Learning alphabets, numbers, rhymes, etc., are equally crucial with the understanding of physical activities. What to teach a 2-year-old at home? a common worry every parent would've come across.

It is best to teach them with play to boost their brain development, support physical growth, enhance motor skills, and promote their holistic well-being. For example, while the tot is playing with blocks, you can introduce them to colors, help them feel different textures, know about which size of the block can support the other, and so on. This is just a glimpse about games for 1-2 yr olds.

The transition from a newborn to a toddler is exciting but full of hurdles for parents because those budding minds have curiosity inside their little heads- for everything they see around. Playing and learning about new things helps the kids overcome their fears; they no longer feel reserved or restricted to their shells. Moreover, it supports their verbal stimulation as they understand, listen, act, and speak according to the directions. For instance: when you say NO!, Come Here, Put it in, Bring it here, etc.- your toddler instantly catches it and performs what is focused on.

5 Fun learning activities for 1-2 yr kids and toddlers 1.Simon Says

It is a perfect game for kindergarten/preschoolers as it helps them understand commands to do or perform specific actions. It begins with saying Simon Says (any activity). For example, Simon says sit, Simon says stand, Simon says blink your eyes, etc. It helps improve gross motor skills, enhances their muscles movement, and ensures aiding in active listening skills


Place some worksheets with little dotted alphabets, pictures, numbers, fruits, vegetables, or anything. It improves kid's gripping skills, boosts concentration focus, benefits in motor skills pre-writing skills, mends their drawing creative skills, and imparts patience. You can either draw by hand or print a hard copy but don't forget to help and support your little one.


The next in stay at home mom activities for a 1-year-old is- familiarizing the tot with colors. You can take them in the kitchen and simultaneously ask them about shapes of chopped veggies, colors, kind of aroma they could smell, etc. Also, it will help them hold new food items, recognize their textures, and get the benefits of eating veggies/fruits.

4.Action Words

You don't need any material, sheets, colors, or anything. All you require is to highlight some significant action words that are opposite to each other. Sit-stand, back-front, and many other such opposite words will help children perform actions and get a piece of knowledge about the concept of contrasting things. You can even act with them for better learning.

5.Water Pour

A simple, fun activity to teach toddlers concentration, focus, and patience. Take 2-3 empty glasses and a jug of water. Ask your kid to slowly fill all the glasses and try not to spill them. You can even add color to the water to improve their recognizing skills. This activity helps impart hand-eye coordination and enhances motor skills as well.

To the bottom line

Learning is an inescapable part of a child's growth. Physical and mental development holds equal importance in a toddler's initial growth years. This was a short glance regarding the fun activities for toddlers. Don't limit the little ones to books, sheets, and pens; instead, cheer them to be more than average in other fields as well.

Happy Fostering!